Multilateral, Asynchronous, Bidirectional Synchronisation (of wikis)


Mark A. Hershberger

Created: 2016-11-19 Sat 10:33

Who am I?

A really great guy!

First – and only! – Bugmeister for WMF

(They've since changed the title to Bug Wrangler)

Former member of MediaWiki Release Team

  • Made the 1.20.0 release of MW as a volunteer on 7 Nov 2012
  • Contracted with Markus Glaser to Manage releases until 1.24.0 on 27 Nov 2014

Founding member of MediaWiki Stakeholders

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MediaWiki Consultant

  • NicheWork LLC
  • hexmode on Twitter
  • Physical Location: Akron, Lancaster County, PA


  • Sharing knowledge (wikipages, templates, etc) across multiple wikis.
  • The wikis are not-always-connected instances.
  • Don't want to share everythingn
  • Wiki users should be able to edit their own wiki.
  • Edits should be propagated across wikis when they become connected.
  • Need incremental updates. Don't copy the whole wiki every time.
  • Provide a way to merge edits from different wikis.

Share templates among a group of wikis.



WikEm - the Emergency Medicine wiki

  • a public wiki that provides Emergency Medicine information via MediaWiki.


WikEm wants to share Emergency Medicine information among hospitals, but hospitals want their own wiki.

  • Put shared information in one namespace and sync only that namespace.
  • Let the hospital have free reign over the rest of the wiki.

WikEm wants to rapidly update their app with new information

  • Many ERs don't have wireless connectivity, so the app provides a copy of the wiki.
  • Using kiwix to push updates is inefficient since all the content is copied.
  • For now, they have their own protocol.

NASA wants to share EVA wiki content with the ISS wiki

  • EVA team has built up a substantial knowledge-base using SMW.
  • The ISS is not always connected and has limited bandwidth.
  • Some information might be discovered during an EVA that should be added to the wiki.
  • A local-to-the-ISS wiki would increase information availability.


Someone wants to edit (Semantic) MediaWiki code without messing around with git.


MediaWiki remote for git


  • The code being demonstrated is alpha stage code
  • Demonstrations are fragile things.


Fix a bug in Semantic MediaWiki

Maybe there is a typo, or you just prefer editing code on the wiki.

In any case, there is a solution:

Click HERE to see and/or edit PHP

Host a copy of the wiki

Merge changes on a wiki




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